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Why is my food undercooked?

We can detect several reasons. These common reasons are when cooked in a cooking power less than full power, when a microwave oven is overheated due to continuous uses and/or when the product is damaged due to submerging it in water.

Why is my food overcooked?

When you cook battered food, it is recommended to use a generous amount of oil to brown foods nicely. Also, a microwave oven with a higher output may need to reduce its cooking time. Microwave ovens have different high frequency output by years of use, manufactures and specifications and cooking time may have to be adjusted accordingly.

Is it really safe to put a metal lid in the microwave oven?

Yes, at all times, you must put the lid on when cooking with Microhearth. Our lid has a special coating to prevent from causing sparks in a microwave oven. Only use the cover that is provided with the product.

How do I wash the cooker after use?

Never immerse your Microhearth in water, and do not put it in a dish washer. Doing so may damage the product. Simply place Microhearth under running water and wash inside pan surface with a sponge or a damped cloth after removing leftover food articles. You may apply dish soap when necessary. Do not use scouring pad or other abrasive materials.

Do I need to thaw frozen foods before cooking?

No, you do not need to thaw foods to cook with Microhearth. It will thaw and cook all at the same time.

The pan seems to remain hot after use. Can I use it again?

In order to experience the best result with Microhearth. It is recommended not to use when the pan is hot and give about 10~15 minutes between each use. Or, alternate a pan between cooking so that you do not need to wait for your first one to cool down.

Can I use a steam pan to grill?

No. A steam pan should be used only for steaming foods. For grilling, foods have to be cooked in the main pan in order to do its function.

Can I roast or grill dry food?

No. It needs some moisture in food to cook.

How do I cook frozen meats using Microhearth?

You can cook food right out of the freezer such as steak, boneless chicken, fish fillet, and pork chops so on. However, it would take longer to cook than when food is cooked from fresh as you can imagine. And, it will add even more cooking time depending on food volume and power wattage of your microwave.

A tip for cooking frozen meats is to first sear it on both sides in a few tablespoon of oil then infuse it with a liquid such as wine, broth, or tomato sauce while cooking. It prevents the pan from getting scorched due to high heat generated during cooking while adding flavor to your food.

For your frozen meat, if you want to pan-sear it, drizzle/spray some oil on the pan and place your meat; place Lid on unit; microwave about 2 minutes; carefully remove Lid; turn meat over; return to microwave for another 1 minute or so. Now, your meat is ready to take your seasoning as thawed and cooked without being dried out. (Cooking Tip: At this point, you may have excessive water in the Pan from frozen fillet during this thawing process and may need to pour it out of the Pan before searing it. Or, if you want, you can use this excessive water to poach your fillet as adding butter, wine or seasoning to infuse your fillet as you desire.) After you season meat as you desired, drizzle/spray some oil on the pan; place it back on the Microhearth Pan; place Lid on unit; microwave about 4 minutes; carefully remove Lid; turn meat over; return to microwave additional 2 minutes or until meat reaches your desired doneness. Or, if you would like, you can poach fish fillet using our Steam Pan. Add 1 cup liquid (wine or water) to Microhearth Pan. Insert Steam Pan over liquid. Place frozen fillet on Pan center. Place Lid on unit; microwave 12-15 minutes or until fish flakes easily with fork. Carefully remove Lid; add seasoning if desired.

At any time, if just a little more time is required, let your food rest in Microhearth for a few more minutes in the pan with lid on, residual heat from pan will continue to cook.

***The recommended cooking times are based on the 1000~1200 Watt microwave units. Food should be cooked on HIGH, or FULL power. If you do not know the microwave output, begin with our suggested timing or set the timer for less time and check food. If the food is not thoroughly cooked, simply return the Microhearth to the microwave and add additional 1~3 minutes until you reach your desired doneness.***

Is there a general guideline using Microhearth?

Regarding general guidelines using the Microhearth, when you try one or two recipes in the book, we think that you will get the idea how to use it. Just consider Microhearth Pan as your regular coated pan but a difference would be you use a microwave only as your cooking heating source rather than gas range or oven. And, you would prepare food as you normally enjoy. (Season, marinate.. as you like.)

You first start with drizzling/spraying oils on the Microhearth Pan to protect its coating from high temperature during cooking. Then, you place your food on the Pan; place the Microhearth Lid over unit (You always place the Lid over unit when cooking in a microwave with Microhearth.); microwave it* ; take it out & carefully remove the Lid; turn or stir your food; microwave it* again as needed but generally lesser minutes than first cooking time. Note: *Now, when you microwave your food, the cooking time generally depends on 1) what type of food that you are cooking 2) Wattage of your microwave and 3) Amount of food being prepared (Please read Page 5 of the latest version of recipe booklet, "A Few Things to Know Before Starting" and texts in green box on every recipe page.)

For example, when you cook steak, we would say, you microwave about 4~5 minutes for first time; then, microwave additional 2~3 minutes or until you reach your desired doneness after you turn your meat. This is based on using 1000 & up watt microwave.

Another tip here is that at any time, if just a little more time is required, let your food rest in Microhearth for a few more minutes in the pan with lid on, residual heat from pan will continue to cook.

When you use our Steam Pan or Muffin Pan, we always use a cup of water in Microhearth Pan before placing either one to cook with.

How do I use Microhearth for reheating?

Using Microhearth for reheating revives the original flavor of food and enhances the taste of already prepared frozen food without drying out.

If you are reheating, we would recommend to apply/spray oil on the Microhearth Pan and place your food to reheat. Again, just as cooking, your reheating time would depend on your microwave output, amount of your food and the frozen status of your food if food is frozen. We think that typically, you reheat for about 4~5 minutes for the first time. And, check the food, turn it over or stir it if you need to and cook/reheat additional 2~3 minutes for the second time. You can also add tablespoons of water or any kind of broth or so with your food when reheating to soften food. You can also steam your food using our Steam Pan to reheat if it works for type of food that you would like to reheat. Just remember that when you are using either our Steam Pan or Muffin Pan, you need to add about a cup of water in the Pan first and then, insert either one over water for use.

At anytime, if just a little more time is required to finish up, let your food rest in Microhearth for a few more minutes in the pan with lid on, residual heat from pan will continue to cook/reheat.

What are the outter dimensions of each type of Microhearth?

Everyday Pan: 10.6" Dia. x 5.4" H (Volume: 1.5 qt.)
Dutch Oven: 10" Dia. x 5.7 H (Volume: 2 qt.)
Grill Pan: 10 1/8" L x 9" W x 4" H (Volume: 0.6 qt.)

How to boil eggs in Microhearth?

If you have a small book titled "User Guide and Recipe Booklet" that came with your purchase, please go to page 9, Deviled Eggs. In the recipe, the first and second instructions show how to boil eggs as below:

1. Place 1 cup water in Microhearth Pan. Carefully add eggs. Place Lid over unit; microwave 13-15 minutes (based on microwave wattage 1000W~1200W).

2. Carefully remove Lid. Immediately run cold water over eggs or place them in ice water until completely cooled. (Do not submerge the Microhearth Pan in the water during any of this process.)

*Do not lay eggs in the Steam Pan, simple place in Pan.