Microhearth Non-stick Everyday Pan Combo has officially been tested and
recommended by the Cooking Club of America!
MicroHearth Microwave Cookware
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What makes it unique?

Conventional microwave oven cooking containers are mostly made of glasses, plastics or ceramics. They all allow microwave energy to penetrate food causing food to lose its natural moistures. Microhearth's unique technology converts these microwave energy to far infrared energy for heating. The result is moist and flavorful food you enjoy!

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A. Ceramic-coated metal Lid with a standing handle

Handle allows you to conveniently rest Lid upright so moisture does not drip on the counter. The high domed shape gives you ample cooking space inside. Ceramic-coating is especially designed for use in the microwave and eliminates the "microwaves" that normally cause dryness by penetrating through the food during cooking.

B. Steam Pan

Steam Pan is made of food grade silicone which raises and separates food from the liquid underneath, allowing food to efficiently steam.

C. Non-stick coated metal Pan

Inside coating is specially formulated to safely perform under hottest temperatures during cooking and is scratch resistance. This makes it easy to use and clean.

D. SPS plastic body with stay-cool built-in handle

Its stylish and durable body is made of BPA free plastic that is even suitable for some of medical device applications. It is high-heat resistant with low heat-conductivity so that body stays cool after cooking. Also, its rigidity and good dimensional stability prevents from misshaping after repeated uses.

E. Silicone 4-cup Muffin Pan

Muffin Pan cooks a wide range of foods including muffins, cupcakes, rolls and poached eggs. It can be used with or without paper muffin cup liners.