Microhearth Non-stick Everyday Pan Combo has officially been tested and
recommended by the Cooking Club of America!
MicroHearth Microwave Cookware
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The durable, high-heat resistant Microhearth has been designed for microwave-use only. While there are many makes and models, it has been designed to fit in standard units, from over the range ovens to smaller counter-top units.

You will find Microhearth cookware is easy to use, and will soon become the favorite in your kitchen. A wise investment saving you both time and money since it can do it all-cook breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks!

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Microhearth Non-stick Everyday Pan Combo

Our Everyday Pan handles most of your daily cooking tasks, serving breakfast, lunch, gourmet dinner and fancy dessert. It consists of four components that nest together making it versatile and compact for easy storage!

  • Non-stick coated Pan in a durable body
  • Steam Pan made of food grade silicone
  • Silicone 4-cup Muffin Pan
  • Ceramic-coated metal Lid

  • With this Pan you can saute, steam, boil, poach, bake, broil, grill, stir-fry or even pan-fry your favorite foods.

    Available in Red, Orange, Lime, Light Gray or Black
    (C11RC4, C11OC4, C11LC4, C11GC4, C11BC4)

    Microhearth Non-stick Grill Pan

    Grill Pan is especially ideal for people who mostly prefer grilling or broiling meats, fishes or even vegetables.

  • Non-stick coated metal Pan with raised ridged base gives food seared grill marks and keeps them out of drippings.
  • Ceramic-coated metal Lid with standing handle allows you to conveniently rest it upright so moisture does not drip on the counter.

  • Available in Red, Lime or Black
    (G03RS2, G03LS2, G03BS2)

    Microhearth Multi-purpose Dutch Oven

    Our Dutch Oven is ideal for steaming vegetables, cooking rice or oatmeal, and even savory stews all in a microwave oven! Its size allows it to handle juices when roasting a smaller sized chicken or braising beef briskets. Also ideal to steam shell fish. It consists of three components:

  • Non-stick coated Pan in a durable body
  • Coated metal Steam Pan
  • Ceramic-coated metal Lid

  • Available in Red, Orange, Lime or Light Gray (E02RS3, E02OS3, E02LS3, E02GS3)