Microhearth Non-stick Everyday Pan Combo has officially been tested and
recommended by the Cooking Club of America!
MicroHearth Microwave Cookware
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Ideal for the BOAT!! I mean IDEAL as in PERFECT!!!, To all cuddy cabin boat owners: you are now able to have STEAKS and BURGERS on the BOAT!!! This thing works, but is poorly documented. You will have to experiment with cooking times, and figure out the total cooking time for each dish. Once you do figure out the correct time for cooking, write it down in the log!!! You can then replicate it next time. No more fooling around with that propane grill hanging off of the stern, the one that ALWAYS snags the handling lines. Whoever is the distributor for this item in the U.S.: there is a HUGE market out there, as thousands of small cabin boat owners have microwaves, but no oven or rangetop. They are ALL potentially your customers, START ADVERTISING for them.

Dean "Dean" - Minneapolis, MN
Jul 08 2013

Great is all I can say! Living alone I am not inclined to cook feasts. The microwave is my best culinary friend. But i wanted to wean off processed food, frozen food (except vegetables) but did not want to buy a grill. One day I thought I would search for a microwave grill, expecting no result. But there is was, i bought it after reading a few reviews (i ignore one star reviews. Some how those people seem with very bitter or expect too much. e.g. where is the 50 page instruction book with recipes. It arrived, I follow the instructions (there are a couple) and wound up with a perfectly grilled chicken breast, grill marks included in seven minutes. Moist. Steak, pork chops and thicker chicken breasts took some experimentation to get it right but so far i seem to have conquered all challenges. All this piece of cooking equipment requires is a piece of meat, two tablespoons of oil (I use olive), a microwave, adjustable cooking times based on the wattage of your microwave and a willingness to forgo the dishwasher, because the base at must be washed by hand. But don't worry, nothing at all seems to stick on the surface, so there is no scrubbing involved. Dish cloth and liquid is all that's needed. My recommendation: If you use the microwave a lot and want grilled meat, this is the cooking machine for you.

S. Willey - Westfiled, MA
Mar 02 2013

Pleasantly Surprised! I can only echo all the positive reviews. We got the microgrill for use while traveling in our RV. Nothing like easy grilling and easy clean-up when you are on the move! Since it was delivered, we have been experimenting with it at home. (BTW, the microgrill fits in both our large kitchen microwave and the .7 cubic foot microwave in the camper). We avoid kitchen gadgets in general, but this one just sounded so good. In fact, too good to be true. But it really works as advertised. Who would have thought you could have a sizzling hot turkey and swiss on rye from a microwave? DH is a purist when it comes to grilling (charcoal only!) so he was a bit skeptical that this would do a proper job. After several meals (pork chops, chicken, potatos, and sandwiches), he says it's the next best thing to grilling. The only thing missing is the smoky taste so, next time, we will try using Liquid Smoke to see if we can duplicate the genuine charcoal-grilled flavor. Pros: cooks dishes quickly, simple to use, easy to clean, doesn't heat up the kitchen. Cons: you can only cook so much as a time. For example, sandwiches have to go in one-at-a-time. But this is a minor drawback. And, to be fair, the space limitation is a reflection of the relatively small interior space of a microwave. One other con: the microgrill is a bit pricey (but IMO well worth the cost). This is a keeper!

Kimbopolo "Au Gal" - ,
Sep 28 2012

This is the best cooking device I have used in 44 years! I was skeptical when I saw the video on the internet, but after using it the first time I was sold. I bought 3 more as gifts, and everyone that received one is so impressed!

Tony R - Baltimore, MD
Oct 31 2012

WOW! I'm just blown away after my first use of my new microhearth. I purchased the microhearth after hearing about it from some RV friends. I admit, I was skeptical, so I tried the hard-boiled eggs. OMG!! Perfect! No smell! Delicious! The best part is that it's PERFECT for use in my RV and cuts down on the number of pots and pans I have to carry with me! I'm buying the grill and throwing out ALL those pots and pans. I love these! Thanks SO much!

May 12 2012

Microhearth Non-stick Everyday Pan Combo has officially been tested and recommended by the Cooking Club of America!

Here are some comments shared from testers:

"It is easy to use and there are alot of things that can be prepared in the pan.  I can save you from having to use the oven on a hot day."


"I recommend this product to everyone who want to make and easy meal."


"It is a great cooking tool for the busy mom quick and healthy meals in minutes."


"I recommend the produce for its versatility. You can easily make everything from pizza to poached eggs.  I brought it to the office for a morning potluck."


"Easy to use, Quick, & easy to clean."


"My husband and I loved the Microhearth Microwave Pan! We made a couple of recipes from the booklet, as well as a couple of other things including cooking ground beef. The cooker is wonderful to have in the summertime, as we were able to use it to make most of our meals and didn't have to heat up the stove or oven and add more heat to the house. Add to the fact that not only cooking in it is virtually a breeze, but the clean up is even better."


"I loved this product. It is very easy to use and for a quick meal, snack, etc, this is perfect."


"Really easy to use and Clean-UP - - - Well really clean up is soooooooo easy. Tried various uses and they all turned out good and tasty."


"The Microhearth allows you to cook more nutritious meals quickly and without heating up the kitchen. Food tastes delicious."


"Easy to use and makes excellent food fast in the microwave."


"I love this pan!!! it makes things fast and easy. I was surprised at how easy it was to not just use but to clean."


"I have never been able to make poached eggs and they turned out perfect the first time with this pan and in the microwave!!!"


"Actually works and cooks very well!!"


"I Liked Using This Product It Really made It Easy Not To heat up My house."


"I love this product.  It makes cooking for on so much easier.  It lessen my need to use the stove or oven in the summer month.  It is amazing what you can cook or bake in it."

Microhearth, Inc. - ,
Dec 07 2011

I love this product!!!! I gotta confess....the first time I used it, I stood back a full arms length......held my breath, pushed start and stepped back several feet....with shoulders hunched up and with just a peak through squinted eyes, I saw that the metal lid was not arcing....lol. I just couldnt believe that it wasnt gonna catch on fire!!! At any rate I tried the cheesy macaroni recipe and it was fabulous and extremely easy. I bought two, one for work and the other for home. Now I need to buy five more for Christmas gifts!!! Make this purchase, you wont regret it. Terry

Terry - Ritzville, WA
Sep 09 2011

I love this product! I wish I had this when I was working and had the kids as it would have saved me so much time in the kitchen. Since I now only cook for two, it works out even better because it is small for the large meals I had to cook then. Although if each person would like to eat their own thing it still works out as it is fast and so easy to use that teens can cook their own meals. I store in microwave after each use. I fix the best omelets, cup cakes, and toasted sandwiches ever! I even reheat my steamed hard shell crabs(only 2 or three at a time depending on size) without drying out the claws. Once the water in the oven is hot it continues to cook so the cold crabs could be put in and warm up with no further heating. I even taught my husband to cook hash browns and eggs and he now feels like a chef and will offer to fix breakfast! I have since bought one for each of my now grown kids so they have no excuse not to cook. Using this Microhearth with my microwave and my Morning Ware oven,Moringware HO1200M-WR Infrared Halogen Oven with Extender Ring I now only use my oven to bake a cake.

Cat 21 - ,
Jul 30 2011

We saw it demonstrated at a recent RV rally so after tasting the grilled cheese sandwiches, we decided to buy one. It has turned out to be all that we were told. It saves using propane for cooking too. My 1st use was for Porkchops. They were definitely not dry but moist, moist, moist. Now I wish I had one for the RV and one for home. I'm sold on this product and will tell all my friends.

Sharon Ricke - Lebanon, OR
Jul 18 2011

I bought my microhearth from amazon and this first thing I cooked was a ribeye steak and chicken breast sauteed with onions, mushrooms and green pepper. It was great and I have made many more meals since then. I would recommend this product to anyone who likes great tasting food that can be prepared very fast and convenient! I am now officially a certified microwave, chef!

Joseph G - Columbia, MD
Jul 11 2011

Despite the long storey, I will explain that at least temporarily, I will be doing all of my cooking with this in the microwave and the
help of a toaster oven.

Tightwad - Dallas, TX
Mar 05 2011

The Microhearth Everyday Pan brings a whole new dimension to microwave cooking. So many foods that previously required time-consuming, and often messy, stovetop and/or oven preparation can now be accomplished in just a few minutes thanks to this inventive new cookware. Don't know how I managed without it. Clean-up is a cinch, requiring very little effort and thus making the entire cooking experience a pleasure.

Robert E - ,
May 21 2011

Surprisingly, this pan does the job that it claims for. I have Chef Tony version of microwave cooker. Even though it did cook in a microwave and tasted good, it was not friendly to use it because its pan really gets hot to handle and some parts come off easily when washing . But, I like the convenience of using microwave.Then, I found this Microhearth and I wanted to give it a try. I am so glad that I did. Not only it looks better than the other one,but its performance is also impressive. I use this pan almost everyday ever since. Now, I am thinking to check out their Grill Pan. I recommend this product to people who cook simple meal for two people.

HousePro - ,
Feb 04 2011

The Microhearth is a true wonder. I just love it. I have steamed vegetables and made a wonderful chicken dishes. My husband loved it. My next purchase will be the Microhearth grill. Amazing product.

DLButts - Merit, TX
Apr 27 2011

I bought my Microhearth for the office. They said we could not have anything besides a toaster oven and a microwave in the lunchroom. Everything tasted boiled or burnt until I got the Microhearth. Now I can fix tasty meals, even fish. I love it.

Knute Josifek - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Apr 27 2011

This cookware is everything it claims and more! The food tastes so good out of the microwave oven. It's quick and easy to clean up. I wish I bought two of them!

Dave D. - chicago, il
Apr 06 2011