Microhearth Way of Cooking

revive microwave oven cooking to whole new flavorful way. dare to cook with fresh ingredients and get delightfully surprised with delectable taste.


Microhearth Experience

be delectively delighted with amazing taste!

Microhearth Life

freedom of time to enjoy etc....

Microhearth Grill Pan

G03RS2, Red

Comes with nonstick metal grill Pan, ceramic coated Lid & Recipe Booklet

Microhearth Everyday Pan

C11RC4, Red

Comes with nonstick Pan, ceramic coated Lid, silicone Steam Pan, silicone 4-cup Muffin Pan and Recipe Booklet

How it works

How does it result moist and flavorful foods in microwave oven?



Nonstick Coated Metal Pan


Ceramic Coated Metal Lid

Steam Pan

Food-grade Silicone Steam-pan

Muffin Pan

Food-grade Silicone Muffin-pan

Recipe Booklet

Featured Recipes in the Booklet


I was skeptical at first but it turns out the product does exactly what it says. Now I can cook steaks in the microwave, grilled cheese sandwich and more! Love this gadget!!!

I live alone and this little microwave cooking pan REALLY WORKS. I now can actually cook myself healthy dinners with very little cleanup. Also, in summertime I try not to use a regular (big) oven that heats up the house, so microwave it is!. I have grilled boneless skinless chicken breast (small and large), steak, asparagus, hamburger, and more. GREAT product. I gift these to my single friends now.

that’s is with no doubt the BEST PRODUCT I EVER BOUGHT it makes fabulous steaks, juicy, tender with great taste better than barbecue or of bdoil a must have in any home, I am really impressed makes great vegetables , rice any thing you want, a must have sincerely gigi marki

awesome as usual. This is my second and third microhearth cooking pan. I purchased one a couple years ago which is beginning to look a bit worn, so I've purchased these as a replacement. It cooks outstanding. I put a tad of oil, garlic and assorted veggies, and in 10 mins or so i have yummy grilled veggies. It's great with chicken, and does a great job leaving the chicken moist!